5 Limited Edition Dolls -

5 Limited Edition Dolls - "Gone Fishing with Dad" - Happy Father's Day - 2020

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Father's Day LIMITED EDITION Dolls!  

To honor DAD we have made 5 sporty dolls, each different and dressed in our latest " "Gone Fishing" ensemble.  If your Dad was a fisherman or you went fishing with your Dad you will love one of these dolls.

Dressed in cargo pants with tons of pockets, a camouflage shirt and detailed fishing vest with fishing license in the pocket, dolly is ready for a day of adventure.   The sun shade hat with a miniature fly pinned to the side and tall boots, completes the outfit.  

A total of 5 Limited Edition Dolls are available - each displayed below. 

While doing this photo shoot at the Lancaster Park, these charming children were fishing with their Dad, so cute and just the "memory making" I was trying to capture. Just had to snap the photo, with permission of course!