The Jodie Collection, how it all began!

I call my daughter Jodie “the queen of small things”.  From a very young age, she has delighted in designing tiny, intricate “toys” (such as a whole world of mermaids) from  Femo clay, twigs and berries in the garden, or whatever colorful and unusual objects caught her fancy.   Mary Hoyer’s great-granddaughter, she clearly showed an inherited love of design. 

In 2010, her 10th grade year, Jodie designed her own doll as a special personal project.  Her inspiration was girlish conversations with her friends about the glories of traveling Europe.  To the peak of all the alluring options rose Italy – specifically, a summer abroad studying art and culture amidst the sweltering hills and fields of sunbaked Tuscany.

The Jodie doll’s features differ slightly from those of the traditional playdolls.  Her eyebrows are a little fuller, and she has a pouty face. 

Each of the 3 Jodie Doll editions, ( 2010, 2011, 2016 ) have been limited to 20 dolls.

Additional outfits are available for those who already have a Jodie doll or want to buy the Jodie clothes for their playdolls.

Tuscany was such a success that in 2011, the little Jodie doll traveled to gay Paris as a summer student designing fashion

Jodie’s college years studying architecture intervened until 2016 when she took her own trip to Florence to study architecture.  There, Jodie became friends with an Italian girl who inspired our perky little Italian, Arabella.

Continuing the Jodie doll fairytale,  Arabella and Jodie doll shared many a late morning drinking cappuccino and spent sweltering afternoons taking refuge in the hallowed halls of Florentine museums and basilicas.  The dolls’ accessories include a tiny portfolio of watercolors and a pull out booklet of Florentine postcards, coordinating shoes, hat and handbag

.Jodie's Italian Hat

Our present stage of the story envisions Arabella visiting Jodie and seeing America for the first time, ringing in the new year in glittering New York City! 



You can surely imagine the flurry of excitement as the girls dash from place to place in their precious few days together. 




We all await what Jodie will come up with next?