Our History


In the late 1930's, American doll designer, Mary Hoyer, introduced her first doll, and with it changed the course of doll manufacturing and marketing. She also influenced the lives of countless children over four generations and produced a collection of play dolls which remains prized today.  

Following a career hallmarked by success, Mary Hoyer concluded the production of her famous dolls in the late 1960's, much to the disappointment of a myriad of children and adults everywhere. But the cessation of manufacturing did not diminish public demand for these endearing dolls. Rather, Mary Hoyer Dolls have come to command dominant prices in the "Secondary Market" among fine collectors.

After a hiatus of over 20 years, Mary Hoyer, with her granddaughter, Mary Lynne Saunders, introduced a new Mary Hoyer Doll: "The Doll With The Magic Wand." This enchanting doll represented the first in a series of seven characters from the original fairy tale written by Mary Hoyer for her granddaughter many years before.  

The production of the Mary Hoyer Doll has always been a family intensive project.  Introducing the new Mary Hoyer Doll Collection began simply as a Sunday afternoon conversation between Mary Lynne and her grandmother.  Mary Lynne has continued these iconic dolls for the past 27 years.  Most recently, this family-run company proudly introduced designs from Mary Hoyer’s great granddaughter, Jodie.  Now on her third series of designs, Jodie’s current collection can be viewed on our website.

These precious dolls are, and have always been, American made, hand-detailed, and shipped directly to you from our workshop.  Our commitment to beauty and originality is a family legacy.